Makino Restaurant Construction Update

As construction is nearing completion, the staff at Makino Restaurant are busy preparing for the opening day.  The purpose of this site visit was to experience and identify the difference in ambiance and lighting from day and night.  As the design team envisioned, the day time ambiance is cheeful and bright while at night the rich red and pumpkin orange accent walls transform to a deep and almost smokey hue.  The color scheme seems to reiterate the client’s goals.  They wished to have an ambiance that appeals to a wide range of clientele–families, couples, quick lunch with work buddies, company parties, and so on.  The pendant lighting sprinkled throughout the dining rooms bring out the shimmering gold pendant housing and adds additional interest to the dining rooms.

Makino BuffetMakino Dining Room Orange Wall






















Site elements are being constructed and this progress update unfortunately doesn’t allow you to see the entry in its immediate context.  Site is always important for every project and certainly for a Japanese restaurant.  No matter how tight space is in Tokyo, Japanese restaurants have some type of sequence of approach, sort of an interstitial space between public and private areas.  With more space available here, emphasis is placed on perspective view from the driver and pedestrian level.  Here are some views of the exterior still undergoing construction.  



































Some more updates to come as we near completion.

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