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Dow Residence Finishes Show Character

Our last update on this cottage home was when framing took place.  During framing, there’s much excitement but also some nervousness from the homeowner’s perspective.  It must be the difficulty in trying to visualize the finished space when you’re looking at stud wall and concrete footings.  But not these homeowners.  They were relaxed and always in a positive mindset, seemingly enjoying the design and construction process.   And their positive outlook has paid off in a big way as you can see in the following photos showing the latest stages of construction.

Exterior at EntryExterior Door

























































The choices they made for finishes and colors or even furniture pieces that are being converted to vanities are making their home a one of a kind special place.

Clients typically ask during the design process whether they should renovate in consideration for resale value or do what they want to do.  We recommend that you  highly customize the design to cater to your needs and goals.  It’s best not to worry about pleasing the future prospective buyer and you will be able to find a buyer with similar taste with yours.

The happy homeowners took this advice to heart and renovated this home by infusing both their personalities in every space and detail.


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